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Soltrite wins award as top Vidyo developer

Soltrite is a developer on the Vidyo platform and has created a unique solution to meet the needs of language interpretation using Vidyo technology combined with routing and queuing. We call the service See Speak. Vidyo has just given Soltrite an award for being one its top developers, calling out the See Speak application. The industry term for this service is Video Remote Interpreting. Also known as VRI.

Sample Interface of See Speak Video Remote Interpreting:

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By using See Speak powered video remote interpreting; organizaitons can reduce the cost of in person interpretation, immediately deliver interpretation rather than waiting for an interpreter to arrive in person and provide rare language interpretation that would be difficult or impossible to provide using an in person interpreter. See Speak works over the data network interpreters and hospitals already have and every day devices can be used such as a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android smart phones and tablets.

We are honored and proud to reveive this award. To read the entire blog post go here:

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